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Hi, I am Kevin Winsett, a veteran guitar player of 35 years, I studied at McNally Smith College of Music at the top of my class in 1996. I spent the next 15 years playing full time as a road musician and teaching private lessons. I feel compelled to resume offering individual lessons in order to share my expertise and edify people lives by teaching them to play the guitar and be free spirited. I’ve witnessed firsthand the love and dedication that everyone puts into their music.
People have attempted and failed in a variety of methods to learn to play the guitar. YouTube appears to be a brilliant alternative at first, but it frequently results in delayed development and scattered outcomes. It’s hard to attain your goals if you have to go through hundreds of faulty instructional videos. The greatest thing is that Kevin Winsett Music includes lessons for everyone, whether you’re a novice starting to play guitar for the first time or an established musician trying to improve your technique. You won’t get bored or lost with repetitious lessons if you learn from the ground up and cover every genre of guitar. These programs, in conjunction with full band group practices and live performances, allow student guitarists to demonstrate their abilities by performing advanced songs of famous performers.

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"Detailed but doesn't flood you with too much information. Attentive to personal needs and interests. Excited to teach and learn as well. Couldn't be happier"

Devon Daniel Yeider Regular Customer

"Kevin is a talented guitar instructor and makes it fun to learn. I look forward to continuing my journey with Kevin's help to learn to play"

Kevin Draggoo Regular Customer

"Kevin is a wonderful instructor and very humble when it comes to teaching, I enjoy learning from him"

Kevin Daniel Regular Customer

"I've been taking lessons from Kevin for over 6 months now, Kevin is an awesome teacher and a pleasant personality to deal with so I'd off course recommend him to others"

David Regular Customer