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Kevin Winsett is a seasoned guitarist noted for his comprehensive skill set, unquestionable talent and dedication to assisting aspiring guitarists in honing their art. Our guitar lessons provide high quality instruction, regardless of your level of expertise. I believe in mentorship that keeps you motivated and energized.

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Music is one of the most widely practiced art genres on the planet. Music becomes a part of our identities, we gravitate toward specific genres as a form of self expression and melodies nourish the deepest part of our souls. The guitar is a musical instrument whose melody captivates everyone. And playing the guitar to the beat of each of these is an art form that though takes time and effort to master but is endearing and rewarding nevertheless. Simply put, the guitar is one of the most paramount musical instruments of all time.
I’m Kevin Winsett, a seasoned guitarist with over 35 years of musical expertise. I don’t just teach guitar theory, I infuse a passion for music in your veins. As a guitarist, I am successful when, I assist my learners in identifying and acting as guitar players. I teach basics to kids and adults in the context of music that inspires them. Pick up all the tools you need to become the complete guitarist. Learn to play like the greats with my in depth studies of legendary players. Fast track your guitar playing, look no further than taking private guitar lessons with an expert.

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Guitar Lessons For All

Online Classes

Learn the music you wish to learn. Get the finest online guitar lessons from someone who genuinely cares about your progress. More than just teaching you songs, we'll teach you (or your child) how to play any music on the guitar. We go above and beyond other programs by focusing on advanced skills, practice habits and learning strategies.


The go to place for teenagers who want to learn to play the guitar like a pro. Our tried and tested methods for learning to play the guitar quickly and efficiently begins with guitar lessons combined with group rehearsals in a secure and welcoming environment.


Learn to play the guitar! Our Rookies guitar lessons will teach you all you need to know. From holding and tuning a guitar all the way up to being able to play chords, scales, entire songs and guitar solos. You'll feel secure studying with our simple courses that gradually build on your abilities, allowing you to go to the next level with ease.


Adult Program

Kevin Winsett Music has a place for you whether you want to learn to play the guitar from the ground up or relive the delight of performing in a band. We've designed a comprehensive Adult Program that includes private guitar lessons for adults that will have you confidently and skillfully playing and performing the rock songs you love.

Song Writing

Joining hands with me will add some melody to your feelings. I give your songs the lyrical edge they require to compete in the professional music market. Simply convey the lyrics and we will compose the song. Simply give us the style and mood you want, as well as the instruments you want and we'll take it from there.

Pro Player

We'll work with you to make sure you can play the music you want. We tailor our classes to your specific needs. Whether you aspire to be a professional musician or have always wanted to perform music, you'll be in excellent hands at Kevin Winsett Music.

Kevin Winsett

Finding my Freedom

This podcast is about my life and how i went from being pro working musician to frustration and quitting for 10 years. Then starting back up playing again, and going back to school to learn to build guitars, while accidently having a spiritual awakening in the process.

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"Detailed but doesn't flood you with too much information. Attentive to personal needs and interests. Excited to teach and learn as well. Couldn't be happier"

Devon Daniel Yeider Regular Customer

"Kevin is a talented guitar instructor and makes it fun to learn. I look forward to continuing my journey with Kevin's help to learn to play"

Kevin Draggoo Regular Customer

"Kevin is a wonderful instructor and very humble when it comes to teaching, I enjoy learning from him"

Kevin Daniel Regular Customer

"I've been taking lessons from Kevin for over 6 months now, Kevin is an awesome teacher and a pleasant personality to deal with so I'd off course recommend him to others"

David Regular Customer

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    Schedule your online class, pick a package that works best for you and select a time slot of your choosing. For in person guitar lessons, feel free to reach me out directly via call or email.



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    Minute Lessons



    Minute Lesson

    For discount book 4


    Minute Lessons



    Minute Lesson

    For discount book 4


    Minute Lessons

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